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Automate your templates with CASUS and enable your co-workers to independently create contracts. Easily, instantly and without errors.

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How it works

Start with your template

Simply upload your Word templates and keep your usual formatting.

Activate autopilot

Easily automate your templates with the intuitive CASUS template assistant. And don't worry: we’ll support you whenever you need us.

Enjoy your workflow

Your employees are now guided step-by-step through the creation of the document, generating a correct document quickly and at any time.

What our customers say about CASUS

The CASUS team shares our commitment to innovation. The intuitive interface and simple logic make it easy for our business colleagues to get started and create even complex documents quickly."
Michael Hatz
General Counsel
Viseca Payment Services SA
We automate contract templates with CASUS. This enables employees to create customized documents independently. This speeds up internal processes and relieves the legal department. We really appreciate the competent support provided by the CASUS team.”
Phelan Brüderlin
General Counsel
Vitra International AG
In our legal department, innovative approaches are required – and CASUS is the perfect partner for us.”
Julian Eichrodt
Manager Legal & Compliance
Lidl Schweiz AG
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Automate your own templates

Copying and pasting old Word templates is inefficient and error-prone. With automated templates from CASUS you save time, money and avoid mistakes.

Your filing cabinet for contracts

Save your legal documents in CASUS and monitor deadlines and dates automatically. Always keep overview and control.

Collaborate efficiently

With the contract assistant, your coworkers independently create correct documents at any time. Cooperation in contract creation is automated where possible – and remains personal where necessary.

Start making the most of every template.