We are CASUS

And we aim to bring the legal industry to the 21st century by simplifying processes, empowering people and driving business.

🚀 Legal and Tech combined

At CASUS, lawyers, digital product experts and business scaling talents work together to change the way people interact with contracts. We believe that sharing knowledge and inspiring each other makes every day valuable. Our goal is to disrupt the legal space by merging human knowledge with technology. We are very honoured to work with innovative customers across Europe who share the same beliefs.

Our founders

Fabian Staub
Celeste Urech
Florian Stuber

Our advisors

Nicole Herzog
Dr. Beat Brechbühl
Thomas Gabathuler
Jörg von Manger-Koenig
Patrick Degen
Prof. em. Dr. Leo Staub
Dom Zuend
Dr. Claudia Borgas-Herold
Stefan Borgas

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